Berlin Limousine - Chrysler 300 Stretch

Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine

Elegant and classy styling, TVs & DVDAM/FM, MP3, CD player, Stylish Bar, Sparkling Lava Lamps, Mini Lumi Dish,
Changing Color Fiberoptics, Supple leather seating, White exteriors and more...
Small groups up to 8 people.

Berlin Limousine service Chrysler Berlin Limo Chrysler Chrysler Limousine Berlin Berlin Limousine

1 hour - 300 euro, 2 hours - 400 euro, 3 hours - 700 euro
For more than 3 hours, please ask.
The price includes the driver, all transport costs, VAT, fuel and parking tickets
It is a total price per vehicle, not per person.

VIP Airport Transfers:
The car will be waiting for you at the airport, drive you around (sightseeing) until you have one
full hour and then stop at your final destination.
 - from Tegel Airport - 300 euro (1 hour)
 - from Schoenefeld Airport - 340 euro (1 hour)
Note: The car is for 8 people but the luggage space is limited (max. 4-5 suitcases).

Drinks on board:
Bottle of Champagne - 20 euro
Bottle of Whiskey. Vodka or Gin - 35 euro
Beer - 2 euro
Redbull - 3 euro
2 litters Coca Cola - 5 euro
Water - 2 euro

Driks on board

By PayPal;
By bank transfer;
By credit or debit card - Visa, Master Card or Am Express.

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