Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limo

Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine Berlin - black

Elegant and classy styling, TVs & DVDAM/FM, MP3, CD player, Stylish Bar, Sparkling Lava Lamps, Mini Lumi
Dish,Changing Color Fiberoptics, Supple leather seating, White exteriors and more...


Berlin Limo Service limousine berlin limo service Berlin
Limousine Service Berlin Berlin Limo Service

1 hour - 220 euro, 2 hours - 350 euro, 3 hours - 500 euro
For more than 3 hours, please ask.
The price includes the driver, all transport costs, fuel and parking tickets
It is a total price per vehicle, not per person.

VIP Airport Transfers:
The car will waiting for you at the Airport, drive you around (sightseeing) until you have one
full hour and then stop at your final destination.
 - from Tegel Airport - 250 euro (1 hour)
 - from Schoenefeld Airport - 270 euro (1 hour)
Note: The car is for 8 people but the luggage space is limited (max. 4-5 suitcases).

Drinks on board:
Bottle of Champagne - 20 euro
Bottle of Whiskey - 35 euro
Bottle of Vodka or Gin - 15 euro
Beer - 2 euro
Redbull - 3 euro
2 litters Coca Cola - 5 euro
Water - 2 euro

Driks on board

By PayPal;
By bank transfer;
By credit or debit card - Visa, Master Card or Am Express.